Newport Town Kenya City Sports Centre: Your Reliable Sports Betting Partner

Newport Town Kenya City Sports Centre

We are a licensed betting company under the oversight of the Betting Control and Licensing Board. We provide convenient sports betting infrastructure across various sports in Kenya and around the world. Our business adheres to the highest ethical standards and our mission is to promote local sports.

Feel the Passion

We know how good it feels to watch and cheer a game, the energy and adrenalin rush, and the joy when you win. Our betting platform provides access to sports events from all the popular leagues to ensure each supporter can find the team they want to back.

For each featured sport, you can get expert opinions and analysis to help you understand whatever is happening with your team and make informed decisions. Our expert panelists include professional pundits and statisticians who use facts to provide the information.

Betting Options

There are many betting options depending on which sport you choose to follow. Sports are categorized into leagues, tournaments, and events. As you navigate, you will find many of your favorite teams all there. 

Each high profile league is represented including the local sports leagues like the Kenya Premier League. You will also get important information that goes with each game like injured players, venue of the game and current form of the teams and players.

Choose various betting options from each sport like goal scorers, exact scores, or simply predict the final result. We offer odds for all these options and set up live tracking for each option so that you can know how your bet performs regardless of the option you chose.

Follow the Game

Our websites user-friendly interface allows you to follow the events as they happen in real time even from the convenience of your mobile phone. This includes the latest scores as the games progress. The love feature also enables users to track the status of their bets.

All times have been standardized even for events taking place in other time zones so that you can plan to watch the game live or take advantage of our real-time updates.

Easy Navigation

Manage your bets with ease on our convenient site. Each process is simple from registration to selecting sports and placing bets. The menu is easy to navigate and in case of any difficulty, a vibrant customer care service is ready to help you get what you need.

Even when you support various teams, it is easy to place multiple bets and follow all of them. You will still get all the live action coming to you so that you track the status of each bet at one go and know the final result as it happens.


Our user-friendly online platform is easy to use and efficient. You can access it from mobile devices, personal computers or even tablets. The site is fast and operates smoothly all year round so that logging in to check the account or make bets is a pleasant experience.

We are also well known for keeping our end of the bargain by putting customer interests first with exemplary service. We also promote a culture of responsible betting to ensure everyone who participates makes the best choices. Our robust system also keeps out anyone below the legal age.

Secure System

We have created a secure platform that values and preserves the privacy of our clientele. Security measures also ensure that your money is always safe while easily accessible to you whenever you need it. All our data is stored on secure servers with robust firewalls.

Convenient Wallet

Each transaction with us is easy. You can easily load money into your wallet from your mobile phone from anywhere, browse the available options and make your bet. The system allows you to do all this in a minute or less. You also get instant results about how your bet performed. 

Quick Money Transfer

If you win, you get the money instantly sent to your wallet. The system automatically releases winnings to your wallet and you can then withdraw the money to any account linked to your betting wallet. This works whether it is a weekend or public holiday, you literally have easy access to your funds all the time.

Community Support

We know that Kenya has a large pool of untapped talent, many future stars need resources to make it in various sports. That is why part of our resources goes into sponsoring local sports events. We also take promising youngsters on mentorship programs and give them opportunities to interact with established stars for motivation and direction.

Newport Town Kenya City Sports Centre


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